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Wakuk is the most economical cab service in your town with no surge pricing even in the peak hours. It also comes with an option to split the bill by using a ride share facility. Our unique feature includes paying Wakuk Partner either in cash, wallet or by swiping your credit or debit card available with the Wakuk Partner.

Awesome features

No Surge Pricing
Easy to use
Ride Sharing
Airport Package
Chat to Wakuk Partner directly
Pay by Cash or Wallet

Wakuk Partners

As a partner of Wakuk, you are entitled to receive trips with a high net value as we are not charging any commission. Also, getting trips from us is absolutely free and passengers love to give rides to Wakuk Partner with high ratings.

Earn more money as we do not charge any commission.
Getting trips from Wakuk is 100% free.
Signup directly by downloading our app from store

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