The Fastest Growing Apps in 2020


The Fastest Growing Apps in 2020

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The workflow superheroes over at Zapier have just released their report of the world's fastest growing apps of 2019.

Read on to find out who they are and how they can help you grow your business quicker than ever this year!


App Number 10 - Bonjoro


If you work in sales, marketing or customer success, Bonjoro is worth checking out. Going against the grain of automated emails, mass mailing, and impersonal drip campaigns, it helps you send personalised videos at every stage of the customer journey, to convert, activate and keep your customers.

You can track interactions with your Bonjoro videos in real-time, and add eye-catching call-to-actions to your Bonjoro videos to drive business critical outcomes like demo bookings, landing page views, and purchases.

Bonjoro's secret weapon is that it plugs into your existing tools to help you engage customers with truly personal messages at just the right moments. So whether you are using personal videos to convert outbound prospects and inbound leads, or you're sending onboarding videos to welcome new customers, or trying to get up-sells, reviews, or referrals from existing customers, Bonjoro has you covered.

They offer a FREE 14 day trial of all plans right here.

Interesting fact about Bonjoro: They recently launched an epic new feature called Roll-ups: a simple, time-saving way to send personalized videos to multiple contacts at once. Check it out here ????



App Number 9 - Bitly


Perennial favourite Bitly.

What is their to say? If you don't already know Bitly (and surely you do!), it helps you shorten links and track how many people click them. Best used when you want to share stuff on social media, but also hugely useful if you want to track how many people are downloading resources on your site, when you're not "gating" them behind a form.

As an example, we recently released "The Ultimate Guide to Personalized Video" and rather than hide it behind a name/email form, we made it completely "un-gated", just using a Bitly link to track how many people downloaded the little beauty. I'm seeing this tactic used more and more, particularly by marketers using Facebook Messenger to distribute useful resources - rather than link to a tedious landing page, they're just pinging out tracked links direct to the PDF download via a Messenger bot app like ManyChat.

Interesting fact about Bitly: At least one Bitly link has been seen by over 90% of the world's population. Just kidding, but you get the point - they're bloomin' everywhere.

Go check out Bitly here if you don't already have it bookmarked.



App Number 8 - Liondesk



Can't say I'd heard of this one before, but let's see what it's all about.

Dubbed as a CRM for Sales and Business Professionals, like Mojo this one looks squarely aimed at the Real-Estate market. (Interesting the appearance of two real-estate specific apps experiencing such rapid growth)

This app seems REALLY feature laden - with contact management, lead management, sms scheduling, calendar management, drip email sequences, Facebook ads inbuilt, click-to-call, direct mail functions, and that's only about 40% of it!

Interesting fact about Liondesk: In March they launched an AI driven assistant, "Lead Assist™. From their site: "Nicknamed, "Gabby," Lead Assist will qualify incoming leads with the goal of booking appointments, while agents focus on current business activities.´┐╝"

If you work in Real-Estate this looks WELL worth checking out. You can paw over Liondesk here.


App Number 7 - WPForms


Run WordPress? Need forms on your site? Well, you'll probably want to check our WPForms.

As is probably obvious by the name, WPForms is a WordPress forms plugin that lets you very easily create, publish and track forms on your WordPress powered site.

There are TONS of form tools out there, so what makes this one so great? Well, let's see what some of their reviewers say about it:

"We can confidently say that WPForms is the most beginner friendly WordPress forms plugin in the market."

"If you’re looking for a form builder that’s easy to use, with an intuitive user interface, then WPForms is a plugin that really stands out from the competition in this regard."

So, it appears to be all about ease and simplicity of use.

Interesting fact about WPForms: You can create and manage forms without any coding knowledge. WPForms is the most beginner friendly contact form solution in the market apparently.

Check out WPForms right here for the full caboodle.




App Number 6 - Facebook Offline Conversions


One for all of you fellow marketers (marketeers?) out there.

Facebook offline conversions basically lets you plug in offline conversions, like in-store purchases into Facebook ads via it's API. This means you can find out how much your Facebook ads lead to offline outcomes and use this information to measure (defend!) the return on your ad spend and reach more people.

Zapier is the perfect way to handle this flow of info because it's such a breeze to setup and check it's working correctly.

If you sell products offline and run ads, this is a must-have combo.

Get the complete low-down on how Facebook handles offline conversions over here.




App Number 5 - Gitlab


This one's for the tech-minded out there. Being no techie, I'll pull this one right from their site!

"GitLab is a single application for the entire software development lifecycle. From project planning and source code management to CI/CD, monitoring, and security."

Basically it's a full tool for building, testing, and releasing software. It replaces your entire tool-stack with a single application: from planning, creating, releasing to monitoring, Gitlab manages your entire Devops lifecycle.

Interesting fact about Gitlab: They claim Gitllab can double the speed of your Devops launch-cycle!

If you are struggling with slow dev-cycles, give Gitlab a gander right here.


App Number 4 - Dubsado


Aimed primarily at Freelancers and SMBs, Dubsado is a business management tool designed to help you manage projects, build client relationships, schedule appointments, and create workflows to automate your entire business process.

Think lead management, payment processing, contracts and forms, accounting, and more. If you already use another payment platform Dubsado has a bunch of direct integrations to plug into your existing workflows.

Interesting fact about Dubsado: they offer what they call a White Glove Migration. Basically they'll help you migrate across your entire business management workflow from your existing PM, CRM, accounting and payment processing tools. And they'll do this for FREE - nice!

If you're a freelancer struggling with siloed business management workflows, you should check out Dubsado here.




App Number 3 - Mojo (Real-Estate)


If you're in Real Estate you'll want to check out Mojo. If not, skip to app #4!

Mojo is a Real-Estate specific lead management tool that they dub "the ultimate prospecting tool". Key features include:

• Create calling lists, organize your data into custom groups and create custom workflows.

• Manage your tasks, follow up calls and appointments using Mojo's calendar and scheduling tools.

• Integrate Mojo with your own Real-Estate CRM including Boomtown, Wise Agent, Follow Up Boss, Top Producer, Zapier and many more.

Interesting fact about Mojo: They claim Mojo helps reps make up to 300 calls per hour with their automated dialing solution. Not quite our cup of tea here at Bonjoro, but it's all horses for courses right?

If you work in Real-Estate and need bulk-dialing in your workflow, be sure to check out Mojo here.



App Number 2 - Front App


Front is an inbox built for teams.

You can basically pull in all of your customer conversations from any existing app you use (think email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, web chat etc.) into one unified team inbox. You can route messages to the right team member instantly, and save templated replies to speed up your support.

Reviews of Front App are glowing, averaging 4.5 stars on Capterra (see here), with one review summing it up well, pronouncing Front "a great app for unifying and streamlining your communication workflow". Highlighted benefits include:

- Grouping all emails for specific teams, so you can team up and attain "inbox zero!"
- Ability to pull custom data from your current conversations from the Front API
- Major time savings and better organization for your team

Interesting fact about Front: They claim to save your team members up to 6 hours work per week, cut your response time to inbound messages by 56 minutes, and drive a 16% increase in team productivity each day!

Check out more about Front App here


App Number 1 - ManyChat

Let's say hello to ManyChat ????

Founded in 2015, ManyChat is the #1 bot platform on Facebook Messenger. You can use it to qualify leads, nurture prospects, take payments, and much more.

The awesome part about ManyChat is that it's super-accessible for newcomers, but also has a HUGE amount of depth for Pro users. They have a bunch of pre-built bot templates for E-commerce, education, agency, health & beauty and more. Once you've got a bunch of subscribers to your Messenger channel, their broadcast function is supremely powerful, and streaks ahead of the email-marketing tools of yester-year.

Interesting fact about ManyChat: It's a bit of a devil in the open and click-through rate stakes. Just fire up chatbot sequences with your new subscribers and you'll see what I mean. You'll see open rates up to 80% and CTRs as high as 20%.

As a marketer, I must admit to being slightly envious of ManyChat's wonderful messaging, and go-to-market strategy.


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